Wednesday, April 29, 2015


National Poetry Month, Day 29

The title of today's poem is  "Meet and Just"   which is a phrase from the liturgy. But what is
"meet and just" about the troubles in Baltimore I do not see.

Baltimore has been on my mind and in my prayers, but I was having a bad time writing a poem about it.   This one came about as a stream of consciousness , play on words piece.

   Meet and Just


Meet for the poem,

Just right for it,



That’s where we meet

In the fall of the charming city,

 the rise of riots and

Rioters cutting the fire hoses.


Salvation is near

For those who fear

When the stores run low

Who pray

For a rainy day


 We’re Saving

S&H Green Stamps,

candy for later,

the oriole,

Meat for late home son,

Stamps for letters,

For redemption, for discounts,

For a free haircut,

For children who think value means

A good buy.



the walls of the city,

brick, plaster, wood, concrete,

saving them from the fire,

the  soul of  the city

we love.


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