Monday, April 20, 2015

In the Wooded Glen

National Poetry Month, Day 20

I wrote this one for the AllPoetry website on the "TS Eliot Poetry Challenge." 

In the wooded glen

I found my young self wandering

As she did then

When she was here

When her hair was honey brown

And her skin was clear

Of scars


I said to her

Be still be calm be conscious

Of trees you need to plant today

For your older self cannot bear

Too many new trees planted

When they are too old

To see them grow

To forty feet.


I said to her

Be glad of that exultant heart

That expansive heart

Those grandiose thoughts,

That inflated heart

Singing as the feet barely

Touch the floor.



the world shrank to a desert


I did not say that

to her.


We have lingered in the shadow of the grove

We have languished for the human voice of love

Until the night envelops us

In sleep

And numbness.

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