Thursday, April 2, 2015


National Poetry Month, Day 2

Memories and images from my childhood; specifically, the TV shows I watched before I went to school, in the very early 1950's, have come back recently.

Good old Google images brought me photos from those shows, and reminded me of some I had forgotten.  I may be writing more poems about these.  The titles are especially evocative, and at times ironic:

Beat the Clock!

Bertie the Bunyip!

Davy Crockett!

Ding Dong School   ( with Miss Frances)

Howdy Doody!

Kukla, Fran and Ollie - many puppet shows on the air in those days.

Winky Dink, where you sent away for a thick plastic screen to cover the TV screen, so you could draw on the screen with Winky Dink!

Queen for a Day!

Truth or Consequences!

I could go on,  but the poem I have written doesn't really concern any of those:



My favorite song on Fifties TV

Can’t remember the name of the show;

It was on before I entered kindergarten.

Small TV tube, everything black and white,

Just three channels,

But on some show, on in the middle of the day,

A man was singing

“I’ll be loving you… Always.

With a love that’s true… Always.”

My four year old heart warmed to the lyrics

To the lilting music.

What was Always to me then?

The hour when twilight turned to darkness?

When  rain seemed to pour without ceasing?

What did I know of Always?

My four year old heart and its promise .


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