Thursday, April 30, 2015

Not Only/ But Also

National Poetry Month, Day 30

I made it.   The quality of these is uneven, but here they are, available for revision.

Not Only/But Also
The nuns taught us that pair.
Not only that one, but also
Neither /Nor
Correlative conjunctions
Not only related to each other,
But also offering alternatives.
The testimonial dinner offered
Not only the Boeuf Bourguignon
But also the Chicken Divan
Either you drink Cabernet
Melding that satin mouth filling taste
Or you go with Chardonnay
And get citrus and cool silk.
So many choices
I feel ashamed.

1 comment:

Marion Lawless said...

We were taught well! I cringe when I read some posts on Facebook & Twitter. I love not only your poem, but also your style. ;-) xo