Saturday, January 12, 2019

Waiting for Snow

Red-Tail Hawk in the tree outside my window, on a snowy day in another year.

All day long the air has been full of the promise of snow. It's just twilight and it's not here yet, but any time now.
I have hunkered down, slept, gone out for the groceries early in the morning, prayed, listened to an audiobook  ( Over Sea, Under Stone  by Susan Cooper) and finally , finished a poem I've been struggling with.  I sent it, and five others, to the New Yorker just now.  Always hoping!

Here is a song I like very much, by John McCutcheon.  It's a love song, so it doesn't apply to me particularly, but I still like it.

Waiting For Snow

  Wintersongs            by John McCutcheon 

The nights are so long
They shorten the day
Over the mountains
The sky's turning gray
The geese all fly southward
As homeward they go
I'm sitting here waiting
And waiting for snow

Waiting for snow
The first of the year
I just can't believe
That it almost is here
Like cousins and Christmas
And places to go
Nothing takes longer
Than waiting for snow

Waiting for sledding
Waiting for fun
Piled high around me
Bright mountains of sun
Waiting for snowballs
For shouting and laughter
For sliding down hillsides
With hot chocolate after


The longer I'm waiting
The longer it takes
`Til I stick out my tongue
To catch the first flakes
Wash your face in the snow
You'll be pretty all year
Look out the window
It's finally here

Waiting for snow
Waiting for you
To bundle me up
Like you always do
Your glove in my mitten
Together we'll go
To make footprints and angels
In our brand new snow

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