Monday, December 7, 2015

Five Places I've Always Wanted to Visit

Daily Prompt from Dec. 5, but I’m using it today.
The Five Places I’ve Always Wanted to Visit

I have visited most of the places I’ve always wanted to visit: London, Paris, Florence, Ireland, Quebec, Lake Louise, Mount Rushmore, New Orleans, San Francisco, Boston, Mendocino CA, Carmel CA, New York...

but here are five more I've always wanted to visit:

1.       Switzerland

2.       Greece

3.       Tucson, Arizona

4.       Eureka Springs, Arkansas

5.       Cape Breton Island
Oh!  and I forgot  Disney World!

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Marion said...

You sure get around! :-) How wonderful to see those beautiful places. I love New Orleans!!! It's only a 2 hour drive from my house. I've never been out of the South, but I'm a total Moonchild, nature-loving homebody. I've travelled the world & the universe through reading tens of thousands of amazing books in every genre and this keeps me satisfied. My gardens teach me about time, creation, the seasons and the unbridled wonder of God's world. I love Nashville, mainly because my younger daughter & her family live there. It's a beautiful city with great food and super friendly people. Thanks for sharing a fascinating post!!! XO