Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Eye of Magritte

The Eye of Magritte

This week’s Photo Challenge from The Daily Post is Eye Spy. Immediately I thought of Rene Magritte, the Belgian surrealist.

Magritte’s paintings haunt me.  His artist’s eye was sharp with weird perceptions, visual puns, humor, and imagination.

I named my seventh book after his painting "Reconnaissance without End"

and Arlene Ang, my poet/artist friend, designed the book's cover with it in mind:
Here is a poem I wrote after letting my imagination loose on that painting:

Magritte describes Reconnaissance without End


Having recognized each other

as someone we have previously seen,

we remember that recognition

in biochemistry,

my response to his substance

based on the reciprocal fit of

a portion of our molecular shapes...

my shadow, my twin,

Raphael to my Tobias,

he joins me.

We rise above the meadow,

inspecting our country for the presence

of enemy installations,

exploring the bright summer map

lying under our mutual gaze.



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