Monday, December 28, 2015

West Chester

Pennsylvania, not New York.

This is my home town.  I have not lived there since 1970, but I have been visiting there ever since.

Now there is a Facebook page for people to post pictures; Chris Ann Colvin has posted some lovely ones, like this one of Miner Street, where my parents had their first apartment.

My parents moved from West Chester to Baltimore, to an assisted living place I found for them, in 1998.  They died in 2007 and 2010, respectively.  

When I visit West Chester, since 1999 I have stayed with one of my childhood friends and her husband, who live in a house like the ones in the photo above, on one of the neighboring streets.

West Chester is a lovely town which I did not appreciate at 22; I was hankering for life in the Big City.  

Now I walk around and drive around West Chester, drinking it in.

I'm going there today.

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