Monday, December 21, 2015

O Gathering Light

"Gathering Light"  painting by Janice Mason Steeves

Here's my "O" Antiphon for the day:

O gathering light,

receiving light,

ours, ocelli,

theirs, ommatidia,

Who opens the insects

to navigate the world,

finally, late this year, in

mid-November, when

strangely green leaves still stand on the pin oak,

on the mild still day,

at last , a ladybug

sails her way to my window screen,

A fly taxis in for a landing

on the lip of my cup.

Their semper cells –

crystalline cones under the eye lens –

always vigilant,

gathering light.

O facets,

oh cell’s eye,

oh my tidings awake,

graciously give me that


facile receiver!



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