Sunday, October 20, 2019

October in my world

The aromatic aster is in full bloom right now, and the bees just love it.   That's a lantana in front; even though it's an annual and I have to plant it every year, it's worth it because of the butterflies.

the bees love the Anise Hyssop, too.

The Butterfly Weed is just about done, but it has been beautiful this year.

"Little Joe" pyeweed is done now, too,  but what a favorite with the Swallowtail Butterflies!

Oriental Lilies and Hosta, back in mid-June

Yellow Swallowtail on native Phlox, late July

One of the many "volunteer" sunflowers

Now, on this rainy Sunday, with the temperature at 55, we have not yet had frost, but as Shakespeare said,  "Summer's lease has all too short a date."

Now I'm drinking tea and burning a pumpkin spice candle someone gave me, and looking at some hypnotic Autumn photographs online.

Barred Owl    photo by Deb Campbell

full October moon     photographer unknown

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